Al Hekma Medical Complex, Doha, Qatar


Dr. Sujy Susen Joseph - BDS,MDS,DIP ENDO

Dr. Anu Sam - BDS

Dr. Alen George - BDS,MDS,Prosthodontics
Dr. Alen George has a Bachelors and Masters in Dental Surgery from Manipal University. He has extensive experience in prosthodentics having attended various workshops and conferences conducted by the Indian Prosthodontics Society.

Dr. Gissy Elizabeth Boban - MBBS,MD

Dr. Somaia Mohamed A.Ramadan - MBBS,MD

Dr. Baheeja Puthaenveetil - MBBS

Dr. Sajina Savad - MBBS

Dr. Sadaf Saeed - MBBS

Dr. Ajit Kumar - MBBS,MD

Dr. Virambhai Ghemarbhai Chaudhari - MBBS,MD